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Foresite - Solving Reliability Problems for PCB Assemblies

After many years of research and experience, Foresite remains dedicated to identifying and solving key industry concerns that affect product reliability.  Using proven testing methodologies and investigative approaches, we have solved residue related concerns for over 1000 clients from large OEMs like Bayer, GE and Delphi to small subcontractors.  Some of the pressing issues that we have solved for customers include:

  • White Residue Issues

  • Electromigration

  • Electrical Leakage / Stray Voltage

  • Corrosion

  • NTF Returns

  • Soldering Quality Concerns

  • Cleaning a No-Clean Assembly

  • Rescue and Restoration Cleaning

  • Measurement and Analysis, using tools such as Ion Chromatography, Cross Sectioning and XRF

If any of these issues are of concern to you, feel free to look through some of our research and findings on these topics.  You can browse through some of the case studies we have done to learn more about just a few of the solutions we have developed for our customers. Based on the issues we have encountered and are continuing to solve, there are several industry applications that are particularly prevalent at this time.  Some of these include:

  • Qualifying a Lead Free Process

  • Qualifying a No-Clean Process

  • Determining the Root Cause in a Failure Analysis

  • Assessing Product Cleanliness

  • Identifying Processing Residues

Please feel free to contact Foresite if you have any questions or concerns about product reliability and process optimization.  We are happy to share our insights, and look forward to working with you.

Watch for our columns by Company President, Terry Munson, in Circuits Assembly (Process Rx) and Circuitnet (


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