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Download the C3 Extraction Solution MSDS

Click here to download a C3 Extraction Solution MSDS PDF

Current C3 Operating Manual

(For C3 units manufactured after 9/1/2010)






A Localized Cleanliness Tester

and Extraction System





The C3 is unique among contamination testers - it remains the only tester on the market that indicates whether a specific, critical area of a PCB assembly is clean. You select the components and/or areas of circuitry that are most sensitive and prone to performance or reliability issues and test an area that is 0.1 in2, or even smaller. The C3 quickly provides feedback as to whether potentially detrimental manufacturing residues are present. The programmed test cycle is easily controlled through the color touchscreen display with minimal training required.


The C3 can be used right in the electronics assembly area, providing immediate process monitoring data or even incoming material cleanliness assessment. Further, the product site-specific sample extracted by the C3 can be sent to a lab for analysis to identify the contaminants and their concentrations.


For information on purchasing the C3, please contact Foresite, Inc.

phone: 765.457.8095




Technical Articles


Cleanliness Assessment Correlation to Electronic Hardware Reliability

presented by BAE and Foresite at APEX 2007

>>PDF of Paper       >>PDF of Presentation

This paper and presentation explore the effectiveness of localized extraction and cleanliness assessment techniques and their positive impact on product reliability requirements.

C3 Specifications, Features & Benefits

Everything you wanted to know about the C3


Process Control & Qualification of Cleanliness Issues

Shows how C3 testing and extraction incorporate into a process qualification protocol


Localized Contamination Causes Big Problems

Shows how when all other cleanliness assessments fail, the C3 can discover critical pockets of contamination



Additional Pictures           


C3 tests a 0.1 in2 area of circuitry





C3 extracts about a 2.5mL sample into a collection cell; the sample can be used for other testing such as ion chromatography

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